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Gio Kay

    Giorgios Karadonis, known as Gio Kay, is a Greek-American record executive, artist manager, music publisher, & producer. He is the founder & current CEO of Aktive Records. Giorgios was born on November 24, 1997 in Woodbury, New Jersey. He attended Gloucester Catholic High School

    In 2018 he founded Aktive Records alongside his brother & singer/songwriter Alexander Karadonis, professionally known as Lil Benzy. The label was launched with the release of Benzy’s debut single “Switchin Lanes” on August 23, 2018. Aktive Records Proudly Represents A Talented Stream of Solo Artists & Music Producers, Offering Them A Reputable Platform To Launch And Develop Their Successful Careers.


    In 2020, with the music industry rapidly emerging, Giorgios founded Fazo Unlimited. As a new industry alternative for independent artists, Fazo provides global music distribution to over 150 digital streaming platforms. Fazo is the easiest way for musicians to get their music into Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, TikTok, YouTube, and more.